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Welcome, I am David.

The first computer program I wrote was in 1976 for a Sinclair Cambridge Programmable Calculator which I bought with my first wages. In 1980 the affordable home computer age was born with the Sinclair ZX80, I built my ZX80 from a kit (I still have it). The ZX Spectrum was next (wow! a colour display). In 1986 I was using an Amstrad PC1512 at work.
Then followed a series of PC's (many home built) with operating systems from DOS, Windows versions 3.1 to 8 and Ubuntu Linux, also Raspberry Pi.

With each new computer, I learnt how to program in its language, many hours were spent coding and testing all sorts of programs, mainly for fun, but I did sell a few along the way.

More recently I have been using Clickteam's Multi Media Fusion 2.5 (MMF2.5) product to produce interactive presentations.
I am also an avid user of The Games Creators software, I started with Dark Basic, then Dark Basic Professional and now the App Game Kit.

I like gadgets and mobile devices of all types, writing quality apps for these and other devices using AGK is what I am concentrating my efforts on now.

A free version of AGK is available for the Raspberry Pi.


I have quite a few ideas for new apps, and always welcome feedback on any that I publish.

Currently published apps include...

BlackBerry PlayBook:

Resistor Calculator as featured in Issue 111 of The Games Creators Newsletter

Wallpaper: How Many Rolls?

Android - Play Store:

Wallpaper: How Many Rolls?


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